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Understanding Common Types and
Causes of Truck Accidents

Matt and Liz Quick
Attorney's Matt Quick and Liz Quick

Commercial trucks become hazardous when the driver is distracted or otherwise negligent, or there are poor road conditions. This can lead to a variety of types of truck accidents, including jackknifing, rollovers, and wide-turn accidents. The attorneys at Quick Law Group, PLLC, have been helping victims of trucking accidents recover full and fair compensation for over a decade. Given the range of causes of truck accidents, it is critical to pinpoint exactly why a crash occurred and explore all avenues when making a demand for reimbursement. Kirkland, WA, attorneys Liz Quick and Matt Quick will work carefully to maximize your recovery while you and your family focus on healing. Please contact us to set up a consultation. 

How Blind Spots Lead to Crashes

Blind spots often play a role in truck accidents. When truck drivers are not able to see cars in their blind spot, the driver may attempt a lane change and come into contact with the vehicle. Due to their sheer size and because most trucks travel at high rates of speed, this type of impact causes serious damage. In addition to being impacted by the truck, the car might be forced off the road or into other vehicles.

All types of truck accidents can cause back and neck injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones which require serious medical care, both immediate and ongoing.  Quick Law Group

An Explanation of Accident Types and Possible Injuries

Operating a semi-truck requires specialized training and knowledge. When a driver is inexperienced, distracted, or has been on the road longer than is legally allowed, an accident is likely. 

Jackknifing Accidents

One of the most common types of incidents is a jackknifing accident. When a truck jackknifes, the trailer of the semi swings out from behind the cab as the truck skids along the roadway. This is catastrophic for any vehicles in the path of the truck. In most jackknife accidents, cars that are in the way will be swept aside or carried along with the truck until it comes to a stop.

A truck jackknifed into a roadside ditch.

This type of impact is extremely serious. Victims can suffer broken bones, whiplash, damage to the spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries, damage to internal organs, and other devastating injuries.

Rollover Accidents

Many times, a jackknifing incident will lead to a rollover. When a truck jackknifes and is unable to stop after skidding along the highway, the next possibility is that the truck will roll over and damage any other vehicles in its way. Rollover accidents have a higher rate of fatality than other types of trucking accidents.

Wide-Turning Accidents

The length and width of a semi-truck mean these vehicles require more space to navigate turns. In order for a truck to make most turns, the driver first has to swing out wide and then cut back. Doing so puts cars in the oncoming lane of traffic at risk. This type of accident is also referred to as a squeeze play accident, because unless the passenger vehicle is able to squeeze past the semi, the car will be struck.

The injuries are similar to those in a jackknife or rollover accident, and can be even more severe if the car is struck head-on by the semi. A large semi barreling down on the front end of a car will result in blunt force trauma to those in the front seats and can cause significant head injuries and brain damage.

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All types of truck accidents can cause back and neck injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones which require serious medical care, both immediate and ongoing. If you have been in an accident with a truck, we can help.

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