Long-term Damage Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury By Matt Quick on January 15, 2021

series of brain scansTraumatic brain injuries can be devastating for those who endure them. Not only do these types of injuries have immediate consequences, but they often result in long-term side effects and complications. The long-term damages caused by traumatic brain injury can interfere with an individual’s physical, emotional, and cognitive functions, significantly impacting daily tasks and habits.

Brain injury lawyers at Quick Law Group, PLLC are prepared to help victims from the Bellevue, WA, area fight for financial compensation for losses stemming from a traumatic brain injury. Here we go over some of the most common brain injury damages that can affect a person long-term.


Headaches are extremely common in the days and weeks following a traumatic brain injury. It makes sense that headaches would be an issue while brain tissues are inflamed. However, while most would expect headaches to improve over time, for many it is the opposite. It is common for traumatic brain injury victims to experience persistent, and even daily, headaches months after a traumatic brain injury.


Dizziness, or spells of vertigo, is another common side effect of a traumatic brain injury. Dizziness can interfere with clear vision and make it difficult to read, drive, or perform other basic functions. As with headaches, most would expect dizziness to resolve shortly after a traumatic brain injury, but some report suffering from spells of vertigo even years after a brain injury.

Sensory Issues

In the weeks and months following a traumatic brain injury, many people complain of sensory issues. Most commonly, TBI victims report increased sensitivity to lights and/or loud noises. This hyper-sensitivity may dissipate as injuries heal, but it is not unheard of for sensory issues to linger many months, or years, after the event that caused the brain injury.


Fatigue is highly likely after a traumatic brain injury, especially if the injury is classified as severe. Fatigue goes well beyond the normal feeling of being tired. Those of our Bellevue clients who suffer from fatigue often find that they are emotionally and/or physically exhausted. Fatigue makes it difficult to work, interact with others, or maintain any level of physical activity. In severe cases, fatigue can be a lifelong struggle for victims of traumatic brain injury.

Depression or Anxiety

One of the most common long-term damages of a traumatic brain injury is depression or anxiety. Depression is common for two reasons. First, the tissues of the brain may be permanently altered or damaged by a brain injury. If the area of the brain that controls social and emotional functions is impacted, depression will likely develop. Second, depression is a common response to the physical and emotional consequences of a brain injury. Many people struggle to live with the changes caused by their traumatic brain injury, which leads to depression and anxiety. 

Social Withdrawal

As TBI victims struggle with issues like fatigue, depression, and headaches, they will likely become more withdrawn. It can be difficult for TBI victims to interact socially, maintain a job, or even be around family members while battling the long-term damages of traumatic brain injury. Ultimately, this withdrawal diminishes their quality of life and leaves many feeling isolated.

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