Car Accidents Involving Stop Signs By Matt Quick on February 28, 2021

Stop signAll across the country, drivers come to intersections on a regular basis. In most cases, intersections are controlled by traffic lights or stop signs. These signals are meant to determine the right-of-way for proceeding through the intersection, as well as reduce driving speeds in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

While stop signs can be effective, accident data shows that a large number of car accidents involve stop signs, and more specifically, stop sign violations. Here, car accident lawyers from Quick Law Group, PLLC discuss the problem of stop sign car accidents, what causes them, and how Bellevue, WA, drivers can determine liability so that they can be compensated for accident damages.

How Common Are Stop Sign Car Accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study looking at data from fatal intersection crashes between 1997 and 2004. Their report found that throughout the years of the study, the proportion of intersection crashes remained steady, consistently accounting for around 22 percent of total annual car accidents.

In addition, the NHTSA reports that an average of 38 percent of the fatal intersection crashes that take place each year involve intersections that are controlled by a stop sign. During the eight-year period of the study, car accidents involving intersections controlled by stop signs resulted in 25,688 fatal car crashes and 29,145 fatalities.

Causes of Stop Sign Car Accidents

Stop signs are meant to control traffic and minimize the risk of a car accident, so why is it that so many crashes take place at intersections controlled by a stop sign?

There are a number of different causes of stop sign car accidents. Some of the most common include:

  • Failure to Recognize a Two-Way Stop Sign Intersection - Drivers often assume an intersection is controlled in all four directions, but many are two-way stop sign intersections. If a driver fails to recognize they are in a two-way stop sign intersection, they may bring their vehicle to a complete stop and then proceed despite seeing oncoming traffic approaching perpendicularly. This can lead to a T-bone collision.
  • Failure to Stop - Many intersection accidents are caused by a failure to stop. Drivers may completely ignore a stop sign or simply slow down before proceeding through the intersection. This is usually the result of reckless driving and impatience.
  • Distracted Driving - Distracted driving is another reason that drivers may proceed through an intersection without stopping. If they are distracted by a phone, the radio, or other passengers, they may not even see the stop sign.
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) - If a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their vision and/or judgement are likely to be impaired. Operating a vehicle while impaired could lead to driving through an intersection with a stop sign.

Liability for Stop Sign Car Accidents

If a car accident involves a stop sign violation, that is often enough to prove liability for the crash. Our Bellevue car accident lawyers can gather evidence to prove a stop sign violation so that liable parties can be held accountable for accident damages.

Car accident victims may be due financial compensation for the full extent of their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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