Why You Should Talk to an Accident Lawyer Before the Insurance Company By Matt Quick on October 19, 2021

Shaking hands to make an agreementAnyone involved in a car accident knows how emotional, surreal, and scary it can be. In the immediate aftermath, there are important tasks that you must do. In the hours that follow, there are some tasks that you should do. For one, you should consider talking to a car accident lawyer before you speak with an insurance representative.

The Quick Law Group, PLLC has an office in Bellevue, WA. Staffed with skilled car accident lawyers, we can help you manage the aftermath of an auto collision.

Why Contact A Car Accident Lawyer First?

Naturally, insurance companies want to talk to the drivers involved in an accident to get their version of the events. This is true of both your insurance company and the other party's insurance provider. They both seek a heads-up with respect to potential litigation. An insurance provider's interest in learning about the case does not always mesh with your best interests. And it is easier than you might think to say something that inadvertently that affects your potential settlement.

The following are just a few specific reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer before you talk to any insurance carrier.

Reason #1: Insurance companies have accident adjusters

Claims adjusters serve an important function in accident investigations. These insurance investigators inspect the property damage claims arising from the accident, such as the physical impact on the vehicles involved. Insurance adjusters also investigate the bodily injury claims resulting from the accident. The accident adjuster's job is to determine whether the company is liable and how much the insurance company will pay on behalf of its policy-holder.

Contacting a car accident lawyer before speaking to an insurance company representative is critical, especially if the contact comes from the other person's insurer. You need someone managing the after-effects of the incident with your best interests in mind, not the profits of an insurance company.

Reason #2: Insurance companies chase profits, not fairness

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. As a business, their primary interest is protecting the company's profit margin. Your insurance company's lawyers may have a contractual obligation to defend your claim, but they always put the company's profit margin above all else.

Consulting a car accident lawyer puts you in the hands of someone who will put your needs first. They have a duty to defend your rights and represent you to the best of their ability. Our car accident lawyers in Bellevue are dedicated to presenting the best possible case for accident victims.

Reason #3: Insurance companies do not always offer a settlement that an injured person deserves

It is important to remember that insurance companies often offer a settlement claim because it is less expensive for them than going to court. The defending insurance company will typically offer the least amount of money in a settlement to the injured party.

The defendant's insurance company plays on the car accident victim's situation, the things that compel a speedy compensation award. Victims do not want protracted litigation and will often choose the immediate payment in lieu of a lengthy trial. Bear in mind that U.S. government statistics say that the vast majority of personal injury cases settle out before trial. In the small percentage of cases that go to trial, the vast majority of the plaintiffs lose the case. That's a big incentive to offer minimal settlements.

When you select a car accident lawyer after a collision, you want a legal representative that is not afraid to go to trial. You want someone who will fight for a settlement that is commensurate with your injuries.

Reason #4: Car accident lawyers have networks

When you consider whether a car accident attorney may help you manage your claim following an accident, bear in mind that you want a car accident attorney with a network of specialists to help them. For example, the network may include the following medical specialists they can turn to as they plead your case:

  • Physiatrist
  • Neurologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Chiropractor

Taking the Next Step

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