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HARMON v. HUGHES, verdict against chiropractors and clinic for failure to refer for brain injury

Liz Quick and co-counsel Ken Friedman obtained a $6.2 million jury verdict. 

Mr. Harmon worked as a commercial oven hood cleaner.  While at work he fell and struck his head, losing consciousness briefly.  With headaches and neck pain he began treating with a chiropractor. He told the chiropractors about his fall, head injury and loss of consciousness.  Mr. Harmon continued treatment with his chiropractors for another 6 months.  During this treatment, he continued to attempt to work but slowly declined physically and mentally to the point where he became totally disabled.  Despite clear head trauma with loss of consciousness, a deteriorating neurological condition and repeated requests to be referred to a specialist, the chiropractors chose not to refer him for diagnostic imaging (MRI) or to a medical doctor. Six months after his injury, Mr. Harmon finally underwent an MRI at the Department of Labor and Industries request.  The MRI revealed that a large brain bleed (subdural hematoma) was the cause of his ongoing headaches, blackouts, double vision, cognitive deterioration, bladder control problems, balance issues, leg weakness and sleep disturbance.  He underwent two craniotomy brain surgeries.  As a result of the delayed diagnosis and treatment, Mr. Harmon suffered serious and permanent brain injury.  

Three years of litigation preceded trial during which Mr. Harmon offered to settle within the insurance policy limits.

The chiropractors insurance carrier was unwilling to pay the $2M policy limits that they had purchased to cover them and their clinic for malpractice. This made a trial necessary. The jury returned a verdict and found damages of $6,291,379.64.   


DOE v. DOE, settlement for retained surgical instrument

Quick obtained a substantial confidential settlement with hospital for surgeon leaving surgical instrument in client during surgery, which caused client severe pain and disability.  


JACKSON v. ABC GLASS, INC., settlement for injury caused by defective glass vase

Liz and Matt Quick obtained a settlement for $175,000 for injuries to Mr. Jackson's finger caused when a vase collapsed in his hands.  The case required extensive litigation in both tribal and superior court before the defendant's insurer was willing to make a reasonable settlement offer on the claim.


DOE v. DOE, settlement for severe burns from firework

Liz Quick obtained a $500,000 settlement for a 4 year-old girl who suffered serious burns when a firework exploded under her lawn chair.  


DOE v. DOE, settlement against a landlord for lead poisoning of child-tenant

Liz Quick obtained a substantial settlement for a child who ate lead paint chips found in the house she lived in.  She suffered serious developmental harm. 


DOE v. DOE, settlement  against dental clinic for extraction of wrong tooth

Liz and Matt Quick obtained a settlement of $124,000 against an oral surgeon for inadvertently extracting the middle front permanent tooth of a four-year-old. 


DOE v. DOE, settlement for wrongful death of patient during clinical study

Liz Quick obtained a substantial confidential settlement with institution for serious mistakes made during their patient's care while involved in a clinical study, which led to his untimely death.


JOHNSON v. STIPE, verdict for serious injuries from rear end collision

Liz Quick and Matt Quick obtained a verdict of $212,998 against a driver for negligence, when his rental car company refused to pay for all the harm the client sustained in rear end collision when defendant driver was taking pictures of scenery while driving.  Avis Budget Group, the rental car company who handled the claim and hired defense counsel offered a small amount in settlement. Avis took the position that because there was minimal damage to the vehicles involved, there must have been minimal damage to the occupants. 


BOWKER V. COLEMAN, verdict for injuries from rollover collision

Liz Quick obtained a verdict of $265,000 against a driver for causing our client's spine injury, when he chose to drive 50-80 mph in a 25 mph zone, in the dark, on a hilly road.  When our client was unable to assess the defendant's speed, due to darkness and dips in the road, he pulled out in front of the defendant resulting in a T-bone double rollover collision.  The jury assessed 20% fault to our client for failure to yield the right of way and 80% fault to the defendant, reducing the verdict to $212,000. Our client lives with daily pain from damage to a tiny joint called the sacroiliac (SI).  Because this joint is not able to be seen on Xray or MRI, the defense felt they could deny our client's injury was real.



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