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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have severe and life-changing consequences for victims and their families. 

If your TBI is the result of another person’s negligence, the traumatic brain injury lawyers at Quick Law Group, PLLC, serving Bellevue and Seattle, WA, can help you hold them financially responsible. 

Is a traumatic brain injury really that serious? 

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The lifetime economic cost of a severe TBI in 2010 was estimated to be approximately $76.5 billion. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Why Hire an Attorney?

A severe TBI can have an enormous impact on your life, from economic to personal effects. While some injuries are simply the result of unpredictable accidents, many TBIs can be traced back to an act of negligence: a careless driver can run a red light or a football coach may fail to implement the proper protocol for their players.   

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a TBI that resulted from someone else’s carelessness, you should not have to bear the burden of the financial expenses alone. An attorney can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit and compensation so that you can focus on physical and mental recovery.

Do you have grounds to file a TBI lawsuit?

There are many types of brain injuries...

Types of brain injuries

The Extent of Your Brain Injury Will Affect Your Case

Whether you are diagnosed with a mild form of TBI or a severe injury with long-lasting or life-long side effects will be a major consideration in how we advise you to move forward. 

Our Bellevue personal injury attorneys have dealt with many brain injury cases, and we know how to pursue your case to reach the best possible outcomes. If we find that a settlement does not adequately cover your expenses, we will never hesitate to go to court.

Are you unsure whether you sustained a TBI?

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If you or a family member suffered a serious injury at the hands of another party or person, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. We can assist clients in Bellevue, and surrounding areas. To speak with one of our attorneys, call our Bellevue office:

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How will our attorneys determine who to hold liable?

The Cause of Your Injury Will Greatly Influence Your Case

In order to establish liability and attempt to recover compensation from the at-fault party, our injury attorneys will begin by fully investigating the cause of your brain injury.

We approach every case differently depending on the cause. For example: 

  • If medical malpractice contributed to your TBI, our attorneys may sue the medical institution, doctor, or both. 
  • If your injury resulted from a collision with a negligent, reckless, or drunk driver, we may pursue charges against the driver.

The cause of your injury may not be immediately apparent, so you should never accept a settlement from an insurance company until you speak to a lawyer. By settling your case before the full extent of your injuries is apparent, you risk becoming ineligible for compensation in the future. 

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*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

TBIs and Car Accidents

Car accidents are the second leading cause of TBIs in the United States. As a result, many personal injury lawsuits involving a brain injury are the result of auto accidents. However, because these injuries are not usually visible, it can be easy to miss the early signs. If you have been in an accident, make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you receive a diagnosis, the sooner you can make a decision about whether to pursue a lawsuit against the party responsible for your accident and traumatic brain injury. 

Crushed front of car

TBIs from Sports-Related Accidents

Football player falling on head

Without proper protection, many sports can easily lead to traumatic brain injury and lasting damage. Many sports are inherently risky, from team-oriented sports like soccer and combat-focused wrestling, to activities like skateboarding. American football, in particular, has a high rate of former players with permanent brain disorders resulting from TBIs. 

This danger is severely compounded when the sports league, coaches, or medical staff fail to implement safety protocol, recognize symptoms, or look out for players’ safety. With a personal injury lawsuit, you can hold negligent parties responsible for leaving you or your loved one at greater risk of incurring a brain injury. 

More Information About Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs in varying degrees when sudden trauma causes damage to structures of the brain.  TBI can occur by blunt force, cranial penetration or rapid acceleration/deceleration motion.  Thus, impact to the head is not necessary to sustain a brain injury.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls and motor vehicle accidents account for more than half of the TBIs in the United States. While auto accidents are self-explanatory, some of the situations that can lead to TBI from falls include:

  • Elevated work sites, such as booms, scissors scaffolding or mast lifts
  • Ladders
  • Improperly maintained stairway, walkways, parking lots

Many times, these situations are found at a person's job. It is important to contact an attorney so that you know what your rights are in regard to your employment following a fall.

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At Quick Law Group, PLLC, our clients are given straightforward, candid advice about their legal situation, and they are always treated with respect as they deal with the legal and medical issues that result from an accident. Our accolades include:

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