T-bone Auto Accidents By Matt Quick on December 30, 2018

A T-bone car accidentA T-bone accident occurs when there is a perpendicular collision between two vehicles. The front end of one vehicle strikes the driver’s side or passenger’s side of a vehicle. Given the nature of these collisions, they most often occur in intersections and during left turns. T-bone car accidents are also known as broadside collisions and right-angle crashes.

Experienced Kirkland, WA attorneys Elizabeth Quick and Matthew Quick can help you and your loved ones if you have been affected by a T-bone collision. The lawyers of Quick Law Group, PLLC and their legal team would like to consider some facts about T-bone accidents and why they need to be taken seriously.

Statistics on T-bone Accidents

According to numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), side impacts caused 5,866 vehicle passenger deaths in 2016. That was 25 percent of all vehicle passenger deaths that year.

Causes of T-bone Accidents

Some potential causes of T-bone accidents are as follows:

  • Running Red Lights - When someone runs a red light, the risk of a T-bone crash is much higher simply given the way traffic moves through an intersection.
  • Driver Inattention/Distraction - Being attentive of your fellow motorists and oncoming traffic can help prevent collisions, which is why use of cellphones and other sources of distraction are discouraged for drivers.
  • Illegal or Unguarded Left Turns - Unguarded left turns can lead to T-bone crashes if motorists don’t pay attention to other vehicles. Illegal left turns are extremely risky and carry a high risk of broadside crashes.
  • Drunk Driving - Drunk drivers are more reckless, less attention, and more likely to break traffic laws. All kinds of crashes are more likely when drunk drivers are present.
  • Traffic Signal Malfunctions - When traffic signals don’t work properly or when signs are obscured or simply not present, crashes like T-bones are more likely.
  • Brake Problems - Sometimes drivers are being attentive but their brakes do not work as intended. That increases the risk of all kinds of collisions.

Protection from Broadside Collisions

While there are side impact airbags and reinforced crumple zones on many vehicles today, the amount of protection from a T-bone crash may be limited. This is simply the facts given how small the space is between the side/door of a vehicle and the oncoming vehicle that crashes into it. The force generated can be tremendous, resulting in catastrophic and potentially fatal injuries.

Who Is Liable for T-bone Crashes?

Determining liability for a T-bone crash depends on the nature of the collision. Sometimes the other driver is totally or partly to blame for a crash, other times liability may be with road authorities or vehicle manufacturers.

Since proving fault can be difficult, it’s important that you speak with an attorney about your case. The team at our law firm can go over the basics of the accident and determine who should be held accountable for the damage, injuries, and other losses associated with the crash.

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