Left Hand Turn Car Accidents By Matt Quick on March 05, 2019

Left turn lanes at an intersectionAuto collisions can happen anywhere and at any time of day. However, many car accidents and auto crashes tend to occur at intersections. This makes sense given the multiple routes of traffic sharing an intersection. Seattle, WA attorneys Matthew Quick and Elizabeth M. Quick had helped numerous clients who have been injured in crashes that took place in intersections.

The legal team at Quick Law Group, PLLC would like to consider crashes during left turns. This is a common type of accident at intersections, and we’d like to explore why.

Statistics on Left Turn Accidents

According to figures compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), left turns are major leading cause of car accidents. Roughly 22 percent of all auto collisions occur when a motorist is making a left turn. Additionally, more than half of all cross-path collisions in intersections are the result of someone making a left turn.

Illegal Left Turns

Just because it’s possible to make a left turn doesn’t mean that it is legal in that intersection. When a driver makes an illegal left turn, they increase their risks of collision with traffic coming in various directions.

Unguarded Left Turns

An unguarded left turn is legal, but the driver must make that turn without the protection of a traffic signal designated for left turns. There is a risk of collision with traffic in the oncoming lane. This can be a serious issue in particularly busy intersections.

Reckless Drivers

Speeding, weaving, aggressive driving, failure to use turn signals, and other kinds of reckless behaviors can put motorists at risk. If you are making a left turn or are coming up to an intersection, be sure to drive cautiously and to be mindful of other drivers who are around you. Avoiding reckless behaviors is always a safe practice.

Driver Distraction

There are numerous sources of distraction that could contribute to a collision while passing through an intersection. Use of a cellphone or texting behind the wheel occupies a driver’s attention as well as their hands. This can lead to serious hazards at intersections. Other distractions to be mindful of include rubbernecking, reaching for objects in a vehicle, and eating while driving.

Traffic Signal Malfunctions

Even when drivers are safe and observing all the rules of the road, there is still a risk of an auto collision occurring at a left turn. If a traffic signal malfunctions or there is a lack of signage in the intersection, it could make left turns and simple passing through the intersection more dangerous than it should be.

Who Is Liable in These Crashes?

Determining fault and liability in a left turn accident will depend on the nature of the collision. Our attorneys can consider the details of your accident, the evidence available, and help build a strong case against a liable party. We will help you seek damages against the liable party to cover medical expenses, vehicle damage, and other losses associated with your crash.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

To learn more about your legal rights and options after a serious auto collision, be sure to contact our team of injury accident lawyers. The attorneys of Quick Law Group, PLLC are here for you. Our office can be reached by phone at (425) 576-8150.

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